Electronic Statements Agreement / Notice of Delivery / Terms and Conditions

Welcome. This notice contains important information and before you agree to the electronic delivery of Pinnacle Bank account statements and any notices or legal disclosures regarding or with account statements. This agreement is made between you and Pinnacle Bank and provides your request and consent to receive statement notifications (E-Statements) and any notices or legal disclosures regarding or with account statements for your checking account(s) by electronic delivery.

By enrolling for E-Statements, you are electing to receive your statement by email and any additional notices regarding E-Statements or disclosures required by law to be provided to you in electronic form. Pinnacle Bank offers E-Statements for both consumer and small business customer checking and savings accounts. Once enrolled, you will receive your statement electronically from Pinnacle Bank’s website and any notices or legal disclosures that normally accompany your mailed statement. Although you are opting out from receiving your statement(s) any notices or legal disclosures regarding or with account statements by U.S. mail, you have the option to receive a paper statement, at any time, by request.

There are currently no service charge fees for the use of E-Statements. However, you agree that Pinnacle Bank has the right to institute or change the fees for E-Statements upon thirty days prior written notice to you. Pinnacle Bank has the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time providing you with written notice of the amended terms and conditions, that may be provided to you electronically.

You agree to waive and release any claims against Pinnacle Bank arising out of or that may in any way be related to the use of E-Statements, except for those claims resulting solely from the negligent acts or omissions of Pinnacle Bank. You agree that you are solely responsible for any loss due to use of E-Statements by you, any authorized user, or any unauthorized user or recipient who gains access to E-Statements through your computer or information obtained directly or indirectly from you. You must be a Pinnacle Bank Internet Banking customer to enroll for E-Statements and have at least one Pinnacle Bank checking account.

To receive your E-Statements, and any notices or legal disclosures, and to receive this Terms and Conditions and any future information, you will need an account with an Internet service provider, a domestic and secure browser with 128-bit encryption, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 6.0 or higher). You can use any computer with Internet access. You must use a Windows or Macintosh operating system.

[A periodic statement of your E-Statements and any notices or legal disclosures will be provided to you when you connect to Pinnacle Bank Internet Banking. You will be able to view the current month’s E-Statement and previous E-Statements for the number of months you have been enrolled in the Service (up to a maximum of the previous twelve E-Statements). Should Pinnacle Bank reasonably believe that you may not be receiving the email messages we are sending to your email address notifying you of the availability of your E-Statements, we may cancel your use of the E-Statements and begin sending you paper statements in the mail. In connection with Organizations which receive the E-Statements, we may also terminate the E-Statements at our discretion should we be notified by a representative of the Organization that the actions of the individual requesting the E-Statements were not authorized.]

Your Pinnacle Bank Online ID and Password are your keys to E-Statements and it takes both identification keys to gain access. You should never give your Password to anyone who asks for it in an email or by phone or anyone else who you do not want to have access to your account.

You have the right to terminate E-Statements at any time by delivery of written notice to one of our office locations, or by mailing a notice to Electronic Banking Department, Pinnacle Bankk, 3095 E. Andrew Johnson Hwy, Greeneville, TN, and 37745. Pinnacle Bank has the right to terminate its obligation to provide electronic statements and any notices or legal disclosures services to you upon ten days prior written notice. You may print and retain a copy of this Terms and Conditions or any future information sent to you electronically. You may also obtain a free copy of this Terms and Conditions, any amendments to it, and other communications about the E-Statement services in paper form by writing us at the above address.

By selecting the option ‘I accept’ you signify that (1) you have read and accepted all the terms and conditions listed above, (2) your computer meets the requirements specified above, (3) you are consenting on behalf of all other co-owners and/or authorized signers to enroll the accounts you have selected for E-Statements and that you are authorized to consent on their behalf, (4) the individual making this request for E-Statements is authorized on behalf of the Organization to enroll the accounts the individual has selected for E-Statements and that such individual is authorized to consent on behalf of the Organization, (5) you have an account with an Internet service provider, and that you are able to send e-mail and receive e-mail with hyperlinks to websites, and (5) you expressly consent to the use of electronic records for the electronic delivery of E-Statements, notices regarding E-Statements, and additional required legal disclosures with your use of the E-Statements with Pinnacle Bank.

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