Credit Cards

b_cardsMaximize Business Advantage Everywhere Your Company Goes!
Our Business Advantage cards same you time, money, and make it easy to keep track of expenses. As with any Visa or MasterCard, the Business Advantage card means worldwide acceptance.

Business Advantage is a financial and cash management tool. It can be used to pay for everything from office supplies to airline tickets, hotel stays, car rentals, and much more. If you choose the Visa card option, you will earn points toward valuable Visa extras rewards while shopping, dining, traveling, or entertaining for your business.

Detailed monthly, quarterly, or annual management information system reports let you consolidate your spending according to the merchants you use. This lets you negotiate more favorable travel and entertainment rates from hotels and car rental companies, track all business-related expenses and simplify your tax preparation.

Business Advantage MasterCard and Visa Benefits

  • Revolving Balance Option
  • Low Variable Annual Percentage Rate
  • Automatic Payment/Web Pay Options
  • Visa Business Card
    – No Annual Fee Option
    – Earn Visa Extras Rewards
    – No Grace Period Option
  • MasterCard Business Card
    – Minimal Annual Fees
  • Payment Options (Consolidate/Individual Pay)
  • Individualized Cards and Spending Limits
  • Auto Rental Insurance*

Pay Options

Consolidated Pay Individual Pay
  • Business writes one check to pay account regardless of the number of cardholders
  • All accounts roll to umbrella account at end of month
  • All cards have different account numbers and credit lines
  • Business receives one statement
  • Transactions broken down by cardholder
  • Business or the employee of the business writes a separate check
  • All account numbers are tied together through same numbering scheme
  • All cards have different account numbers and credit lines
  • Statements issued for each cardholder
  • Transactions broken down by cardholder
* INSURANCE NOTE: Insurance products are:• Not insured by the FDIC
• Not a deposit
• Not insured or guaranteed by the bank
• Subject to the loss of principal
• Not insured or guaranteed by any government agency